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"While visiting Media customers, I received excellent feedback from key customers regarding Robert's management of the recent satellite anomaly on April 3, 2017. Disney, Viacom and PlanetCast were very impressed, with the Viacom declaring we “set the standard”. IS-20 satellite carries over 250 major channels for this market, representing half of the total viewership in this country.  While some may react strongly during such events, our customers understand the true value of knowing their business is in good hands with Robert leading the communications and customer bridge.  On behalf of the Asia Pac team, a big Thank You to Robert for the excellent management of this matter."

-Stephane Thibault, Managing Sales Director, Asia Pacific

Not your ordinary customer experience leader…

Empowered to advocate and spearhead customer success for our largest strategic accounts and solutions partners that generate upwards of 80% of our total revenue. Sometimes called upon to move in quickly and save major accounts at risk from competitors at renewal time with a +20 year 100% winning track record. Those $50M-$500M+ customer accounts that have the highest demands for unsurpassed service delivery; and rightfully so.  Not a role in most people’s comfort zone; but one that I wholeheartedly enjoy.  

I appreciate and understand customer’s thought processes and requirements because, not long ago, I was the big customer expecting nothing but the best…  an eye for perfection.

In 2002 I took the leap to the service provisioning side, all-knowing the many pain-points. I founded and led the Customer Advocacy program and organized the first specialized Operational Customer Relations departments at PanAmSat.  Within 3 years we boosted the overall satisfaction scores from 2.9 to 3.4 to 4.5 (of 5) and PanAmSat became known as the industry leader for being the best in class for customer success, experience, transparency and communications.

In 2008 I was hired by Intelsat to save one of their largest accounts (see case study page).  Since 2008 I saved several accounts, created an entire strategic account team, while dramatically changing the operational culture holistically.

Today we are winning the accounts from our competition. I lead our global customer advocacy and assurance programs, and created its operational customer relations department.  Focus is customer success strategy, revenue growth, management, project success, onboarding, and operational customer communications. I enjoy engaging in thought leadership discussions to inspire innovation in all aspects of my work.


Cultural Philosophy - Differentiation - Adversity 

Cultural Philosophy: I am passionate about customer centricity.  I strongly believe your customer experience is the ultimate differentiator and driver to your business’s success.  Identifying opportunities for revenue growth and service improvement to support the strategic priorities for your customers is what drives inward innovation, keeping your business ahead of the curve. Building authentic relationships with customers so they are willing to tell others what you do and how well you do it is what I strive for.  That rings true for internal clients, peers and departments.  Developed understanding and cross supporting collaboration is critically fundamental.  Outward customer success begins with an inward customer experience and built upon an internal infrastructure prepared to exceed the customer requirements and continued innovation to stay ahead of your competition.

While it’s great when things are going, well… great; I thrive and specialize at those times when things are not.  Adversity. Those critical moments when things break; and they do. That’s when your business is truly tested. It's how you handle those defining moments that can make, or break the customers’ outlook on your organization. It’s a key driver in the customer's thought process at contract renewal ink time. Having an enterprise with a confident leader that has a passion and wiring for being proactively and extremely well prepared & equipped in 24/7/365 crisis communications, escalations, and quality assurance drivers will 1) decrease customer communications latency, and 2) comfort the customers,  all while 3) the subject matter experts and engineers restore the services in the background. It renews contracts.  That’s a customer with confidence they picked the right service provider.

I have helped revolutionize how to connect with customers, in good and bad times, and taking a holistic approach which includes peer insights, thought leadership, cultural change and brand amplification.  

Not your ordinary customer experience leader…