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Consulting: Winning Models for B2B Strategic Customer Retention and Advocacy

I've NEVER lost a client in 25+ years.  Period.

I have only a long belt notched with WINS. (and believe me...I've been challenged with the impossible!)


Whether you want to win just one big account under any type of threat with a single assigned advisor... or go big... with a global reach; I have the proven methodology and frameworks to get your business WINNING.

SEE: MY Program (What you will receive).  

This is what I do and have done for 30 years.  I have NEVER lost a client, no matter how unhappy they were before I was assigned to their account, or the seriousness of the competition's threat. I have countless stories of literally hopping on planes to Japan, Europe...or even just a hop to NYC within 24 hours and winning renewals on accounts that were 99% in the competitors graces. I won every single one over. Some over a pint of beer and chicken scratch on a bar cocktail napkin!  No joke. Ask me about it... 

CAN I GUARANTEE you that type of legacy? I'd like to think so, yes. Anything is possible when you have the experience and confidence, but importantly the expertise and program model to execute upon. That's where my consultancy comes in. I'm like a doctor for developing authentic relationships, retention, and, yes, nabbing those biggest 100M+ b2b account wins when under ANY kind of threat.

Quick Analogy: If you were just diagnosed with a very specific life threatening condition, would you go to any general practitioner to succeed in winning this battle, or would you do your research and land the BEST doctor that NEVER lost a patient to this specific type of life threatening condition under their care? I know my answer. I want the best doctor that never lost a life. A 100% record. This work I do is NOT something general customer relations professionals have experience in.  Actually, I never met anyone who does exactly what do.  Seriously; I can't believe every company doesn't have a "Robert Summa" working for them! The GOOD news is, while important, this ISN'T surgery, you don't need a PHD, and I can train your very own apprentices that can continue the legacy I created for my companies.  They will deliver the same for your company.  How do I know; because I already created a bunch of "mini-me's" for my company and now THEY have their own stories of HUGE WINS.  The legacy lives on! 

Is it going to cost you a lot? For me, no.  Because my program will create ROI that is BOTH measurable and immeasurable.  Measurable by the big wins like I mentioned above, and immeasurable by all the clients you never risk losing.  This is due to the stickiness value of my program that keeps customers so happy they would be crazy to leave just to save a few bucks if you're a little more expensive than your competition. Believe me, your customer "decision makers" don't want to LOSE THEIR JOBS by making a catastrophic mistake of switching service providers; we create that value that hooks them in so they can't escape...but in a good happy way!  See where I'm headed? Its a mindset armed with a program I modeled for complete success!

I look forward to hearing from you. Again; this is now second nature for me as I've honed in to perfect my craft and the program for others to use. The "magic sauce" if you will!  Just SEND ME A NOTE...and I will get back to you asap! 

No sales pitches or gimmicks or free this and that... I'm a no-pressure professional; simply a 5-15 discussion to see how and if I can help you.

"Bob's management of our largest accounts takes the everyday pressure off our Sales Team so they can spend their days selling and bringing in additional revenue, knowing their accounts are in great hands and being managed by Bob's advocacy and account management team" - Kurt Riegelman  Senior Vice President Global Sales & Marketing

Advocacy Program: Why You Need It

"Bob's close engagement with the VPs & SVP's, SatOps, Media, Product, Marcom, Payload Management and the Legal team leads to Intelsat's "best in class" Customer Service. Intelsat was extremely successful with all communications for all launches, anomalies, and delays with Bob's proactive methodologies and dedication. Bob understands that maintaining a smaller organizational feel through fostered relationships creates a customer experience 2nd to none in a competitive environment". - Michael DeMarco EVP & COO  / 2013 CEO Award Leadership


"Robert provides industry leading consultancy level with our Japanese customer KDDI. Robert manages very challenging requirements and understands how to adapt to cultural requirements. Robert has gained a tremendous amount of trust with KDDI, as reported by the customer senior management. As part of the team liaising with KDDI, he also helps achieving sales goals"  - Vice President Asia Pacific Sales

My Program (What You Will Get)


  1. Overview of the White Glove Customer Advocacy Program
    • The why, how, what, benefits
    • Philosophical & Methodology
  2. Deliverables & Role
    • Role attributes
    • Customer / Internal level reporting
    • Weekly/Monthly QBRs
    • Frequency of Travel
  3. Communications
    • Internal/external
    • During service issues
    • Reporting
  4. How & Where role fits into your organization 
    • Choosing the right person(s)
  5. Empowerment essentials
    • Change Agent
  6. Reporting structure (Important)
    • Strategic fit and where it best fits
    • Who advisor reports into and why
  7. Onboarding Customers
    • 30-60-90 Day Onboarding Roadmap
    • Complete Checklist
    • Customer Journey
  8. RACI (Important!)
    • Sales
    • Sales Support
    • Customer Success (Onboarding)
    • Customer Experience (CX)
    • Program Mgmt
    • Operations& Implementation
    • Engineering, IT, Provisioning
    • Sr. MGMT Teams of all levels
    • Other
  9. Presentation Templates
    • Program Internal Audience
    • Program External Audience
    • Future Growth
  10. Job Descriptions
    • All Levels
  11. Customer Playbook examples
  12. ...more!

...Or Contact Me here to set up a call.

"While visiting Media customers, I received excellent feedback from key customers regarding Robert's management of Disney, Viacom and PlanetCast, with Viacom declaring we “set the standard”. Our customers understand the true value of knowing their business is in good hands with Robert. On behalf of the Asia Pac team, a big Thank You to Robert for the excellent management."

-Stephane Thibault, Sales Director, Asia Pacific