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More About Me

My self personality description: Happy, optimistic, big-hearted guy with a good head on his shoulders and an optimistic outlook on life. I wake up happy every morning.

My closest friends list of qualities:  Always smiling. Very approachable. Trusting. Warm. Funny. The responsible one. Acknowledging all people I come in contact with.


Married to my best friend and beautiful wife, and "father" to my two rescues Maggie (white) and Teddy (black).  

Born and raised in Greenwich Connecticut, I moved to Atlanta in 2008.

My Passion: Health & Helping Others

I love helping people, and it started with myself.  I earned three(3) ISO Expert Certifications in Sports Nutrition, Weight Loss, and Personal Training.  I have a small hobby LLC, and helped many people in health crisis lose over 100- 200lbs.  I have even utilized my Sports Nutrition and coached several women to compete; three of them winning 1st place in several figure, fitness, and /or bikini competitions across Georgia, South Carolina, Florida.

ASPCA & AAU Dog Rescue - Friends - Family  - and more

I am an advocate of animals, foster caring and/or volunteering for Angels Among Us & ASPCA Dog rescues and an educator of Stop-Yulin animal cruelty (China). I am learning to play guitar, love to bike, hike, staying semi-active... and love the beach, travel, and spending time on weekends hanging out with my friends and family.


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